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The new famous phrase “Let’ go, Brandon” can be traced back to a NASCAR race that took place on Oct. 2 at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama. Brandon Brown is a NASCAR driver who an NBC Sports reporter was interviewing after winning his first Xfinity Series.

During the interview, a crowd behind him was chanting something. The reporter suggested that they chant something like “Let’s go, Brandon” to the driver. However, the truth of the matter is that they were saying “F*** Joe Biden.”

Because of this, it made the phrase grow significantly in popularity, and it quickly took off. It has gained swift recognition by many conservatives who have resorted to using it as a code phrase to insult President Joe Biden.

One of the significant examples of the phrase in use was Republican representative Bill Fossey of Florida, who ended his House Floor speech on Oct. 21 with the pumping of the fists and the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon.”

A republican from South Carolina, Jeff Duncan, was also seen wearing a “Let’s go, Brandon” face mask at the Capitol. Ted Cruz, a Senator from Texas, was seen posing with a “Let’s Go Brandon” sign at the World Series. The exact phrase was at a construction sign in Virginia, and Sen. Mitch McConnell’s press secretary retweeted a photo.

In recent days, Joe Biden’s motorcade was observed driving past a “Let’s Go Brandon” banner in Plainfield, New Jersey. Even a pilot was heard using the phrase over the public address system, much to the shock and surprise of many people.

The matter is still being investigated by the airline. Even Donald Trump is trying to make the most out of the phase, and his campaign team has been sending out emails to people offering them a T-Shirt with the phrase in exchange for a donation of $45. However, during an interview, Donald Trump said that he likes the original phrase. “F*** Joe Biden” better.

Over the years, America’s presidents have had to endure meanness, such as Grover Cleveland, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson. Bill Clinton also faced the same kind of challenges, and there was a lot of criticism directed at him.

Clinton Crazies were popular in his time and were known to be quite vocal. They posed a considerable challenge and safety threat to the former President with their foul language and meanness.

There is a lot of “F*** Trump” graffiti marks many overpasses in Washington D.C., and social media has made things even worse by amplifying the results. People are getting the messages passed to a greater audience thanks to social media, which means that the effects of the insults and meanness are getting higher acclaim all over the internet.

Internet users are also sharing messages heavily, which has become a trend quickly gaining popularity. No matter where the phrases are being used, they are still being transmitted to many other places on the internet and being shared widely. Many presidents have had to deal with criticism, and this incident is no exception.