Walmart and China Join Forces to Crush American Dreams

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Senator Josh Hawley expressed his dismay on the recent elections and announced that he would challenge the Senate’s election results. Walmart responded to his tweet, calling him a “sore loser.”

Senator Hawley fired back to Walmart by mentioning how Walmart has been paying low wages over the years for millions of American workers.

Walmart has apologized for its response, saying that an employee sent the tweet. With this incident, Walmart has proven that the company is not an ally of the US.

For the first three quarters, Walmart has a total profit of $15.6 billion, and it has stayed on the list of gigantic corporations. The profits continue to rise, and this harmed small businesses.

Before the pandemic, Walmart has been flooding their stores with Chinese products. According to reports, in 2011, Walmart’s revenue came from “made in China” products.

In addition to this, Walmart’s trade with China in 2015 has created 400,000 jobs. Walmart implemented competitive pricing that forced its competitors to accept Walmart’s conditions. 

Even though Walmart’s office is in Arkansas, it has been promoting China.

It was Walmart who have had all the massive profits. Reports show that Walton’s family has an absolute fortune as massive as Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos.

Sadly, Walmart only pays its workers 14.26 dollars an hour with benefits. The GAO reported that most of the employees get by using food stamps and Medicaid.

Reports reveal that Walmart is part of the top four beneficiaries of Medicaid. This set-up of Walmart is part of their business strategy.

With employees receiving benefits from the government, Walmart will not give them much despite receiving billions of dollars’ worth of government subsidies.

#BoycottWalmart has been trending lately on social media.

Questionable cancellation of 5950X orders took place, much to the dismay of many.

Walmart was also involved in political antics. Last June, they did not display Mississippi’s flag to replace it with the Confederate flag. They have also shown support to George Floyd’s death by providing $100 million on fake racism stunts.

Having said all these, Walmart’s apology to Senator Hawley is unacceptable. Walmart just wanted to be noticed and join the bandwagon.

Government officials should demand Walmart to pay just and fair wages to American workers. Being an American company, Walmart should adhere to America First by prioritizing American goods over China-made products.

If Walmart continues to misbehave, the business should be shut down.

No one deserves to buy in a US supermarket only to find out that the products sold are from China.

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