US Shutdowns Are Drastically Increasing Poverty Levels

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Massive Food bank lines in US

The widespread shutdowns in the US are thought to be (by some) for safety, but little do liberal and left-wing supporters know that these create a negative impact on the economy and therefore peoples lives.

Aside from the increase in domestic violence and mental health issues, including surges in suicide,  it is the US economy that suffers as a whole.

The Democrats support lockdowns and allegedly claim that it is for everyone’s safety. They criticize President Trump for the failing economy while all along they are the ones blasting proposals and plans to reopen businesses and other establishments.

On the other hand, conservative Americans know what it’s like to be on lockdown for a long time. they have been raising awareness on the effects of shutdowns not just on social interactions but on the economy.

A recent study showed that poverty struck around 8 million Americans over the summer. This is about the time when communities were placed on lockdowns as a safety precaution to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Establishments were closed and operations were ceased. Some companies such as huge airlines have already filed for bankruptcy by now. A few businesses continue to operate but with very limited operations.

Individuals may be safe at home but they are still at the risk of dying because of hunger brought about by jobs lost as soon as establishments laid-off workers.

As time passes by, people choose to neglect to comply with health protocols. Safety is a priority, and so is food on the table.

Author and study analyst James X. Sullivan mentioned that poverty in the US is at its peak since the beginning of tracking poverty in the records.

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a warning on how lockdowns have the most impact on households in the poverty line.  They no longer even recommend lock downs (or masks). So what’s going on?

The real experts have already warned the citizens about the debilitating effects of shutdowns yet Democrats feign expertise and push for the continued lockdown of establishments.

Despite the lockdowns implemented, COVID-19 cases are on the rise. Are shutdowns the effective solution to the pandemic?

There may be a shutdown or not, there will always be health concerns. It’s the economy that is suffering from unwarranted claims coming from people who claim to be experts.

Editorial Note:

We are all Americans.  Whether in a blue state or red, we need to look after each other.

Many of those dealing with poverty now are hard working Americans, not hand out seekers, rather people who have been forced out of work due to these shut downs.  

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