Undecided Voters Won Over By Trump In Last Debate

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Last 2020 Presidential Debate

When you review the facts and unbiased feedback from previously undecided voters, it becomes clear that undecided voters where won over by Trump in the last debate!

Most media would have you think that everyone knows who they are voting for and that undecided voters are not a big issue. 

But, that’s nonsense. In fact, a large number of Democrats, Republicans and those that declare themselves independent, all groups, have has a large undecided population.

That was until the last Presidential debate.

For various reasons from confusion over covid-19 and how it was or should be handled, to riots and misrepresentation by the media of what each candidate actually stands for… many people were not sure what they would do on voting day.

A poll done by the Los Angeles Times after the debate shows that undecided voters praised  President Trump’s performance. These voters said that the President did a good job of holding his own and being focused and that his message was more clear and more sense than Biden’s.  This is confirmed by Breitbart News

It also didn’t help Biden when President Trump said he has “proven something” with what he has done so far and then compared Biden’s 47 year political career as really accomplishing nothing.

Nothing except disgraceful actions and inaction, we suggest.

Trump also repeatedly reminded Biden and America how many black American lives have been ruined by jail and harsher penalties due specifically to Biden’s horrific draconian crime bill that did was it clearly was designed to do.  And that is not good for Americans of all races and for freedom and justice itself.  That’s our opinion here at Fortitude News.

Biden stated repeatedly all he would do for different groups of people, however President Trump kept holding him accountable asking him why he didn’t do any of these things during his 8 years as VP under Obama.  He had the opportunity then to do all he promised to do, whether he intends to keep any of those promises or not, Trump definitely held him to the fire why didn’t he do it then if he ever intended to do those things.

A very liberal collection of news agencies taking part in this focus group as shown above and they couldn’t spin it any other way but that Trump won the debate and won over the previously undecided voters.

The focus group said President Trump was:

While they said Biden was

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