Trump Made Major Gains Among Black Voters Compared To 2016 in 2020 Election

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Black Trump Supporters

This election has been a tremendous ride already and as we all know, it’s not done yet.

As ballots keep being counted, even from the dead voting, and with litigation in process so we still await the true result of the 2020 Presidential election here in the US.

But, if you look at the valid legal votes that have been counted across the country, some interesting demographic trends and major changes from 2016 and earlier races have already become clear.

One of those major changes is a significant growth in Trump votes from the black community.  

Trump with black leaders pryaing

The ridiculous narrative has been that black voters only vote Democratic.  This is absurd of course as their has been a strong black vote for Republicans, especially among black males, however the trend more in favor of Republicans and especially Trump really seems to have escalated in this years election.

Seeing a growth right now (before likely even more valid votes might be added to Trump) of black male vote growth going from 13% in 2016 to 18% this year.  That’s approximately a 27.8% growth in one election cycle. Unprecedented.  

Specifics are covered in more detail on Breitbart News, but it’s important to note that exit polls show that Trump gained 5% more of the black vote then he had in 2016.  Also, the president’s support amongst black female voters doubled from 4% to 8%.  

Joe Biden unapologetically professed black voters “ain’t black” if they don’t vote for him.  Whereas the president’s outreach to the black community has been rooted in policy with a record to stand on when it comes to how his presidency has benefited minority communities like the black community in the US.

We have seen some tremendous stats from the Latino population as well in traditionally Democratic areas voting with huge swings towards Trump over 2016 and any previous election of recent.

Some important pieces of information to take into consideration while we sift through the chaos to uncover the actual results of this election.

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