Trump Legal Team Faces Time Constraints

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The Trump legal team continues to face backlash from the media. Election tampering and voter fraud allegations are serious crimes that need to be looked into. However, Democrats, Never Trumpers, and the mainstream media never stop using intimidation and heavy criticisms to dismiss the issues.

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney, primarily aims to take the battle to the Supreme Court. Currently, ongoing litigation across states is done and some legal actions are still pending.

Time Is Running Out

The electoral college will be casting its votes for the 2020 presidential elections on December 14. There are barely two weeks left. Breitbart News reported that this is one of the reasons that proves time is highly important for the Trump legal team.

More states are pouring in to certify the voting results in favor of Biden. This can be difficult for the Trump legal team to show the discrepancies and flaws in the election process. The president’s legal aids have sworn affidavits on hand to justify the facts. However, time seems to be running out.

President Trump made crucial points after his Thanksgiving video teleconference with the military. He addressed the questions and highlighted that “Everything else is on our side. Facts are on our side.”, and that “time isn’t on our side”.

Rigged Presidential Elections

During the interview with the press after the Thanksgiving video, the president addressed questions about the ongoing battle. The president was asked if he will concede, to which he answered, “Just so you understand, this election was a fraud.”

“What they did is they use COVID in order to defraud the people of this country.  And the whole world is watching and the whole world is laughing at our electoral process. The whole world is watching.  And it’s a very sad thing.  A very sad thing.”

The president wrapped up the interview by saying, “When you look at the number, when you look at the data, and when you look at the things we have, we have affidavits from hundreds and hundreds of people.  This election was a rigged election.”

The Trump legal team has the facts on their side. They only have almost two weeks to hit their goal of bringing the case to the Supreme Court before the electoral votes are cast.

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