Trump Impeachment: A Showcase of Democrats’ Double Standards

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Social media is abuzz with the impeachment of President Trump. 

Rep. Lauren Boebert slammed the Democrats for pushing the impeachment of the president.

One of the notable showcase of double standards is the fact that some events and people are being ignored. There are questionable acts that could’ve already warranted an impeachment.

Kamala Harris is a prime example, as she has given support to releasing rioters during the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor protests.

Boebert stated that instead of helping the American people, impeachment would make the country even more divided. She added that Democrats were the ones who encouraged and normalized violence from the very start.

During the time of Obama, destroying properties, assaulting people, and engaging in violence are widely accepted by many.

Meanwhile, with the fraudulent elections, the Democrats are playing the victim card and considering the Capitol riot as a form of violence.

Together with her allies, Kamala Harris has helped Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters on their bail.

She even campaigned for more protests on racism and supported criminals like George Floyd, who died of an overdose on fentanyl.

Moreover, Kamala provided support to a child rapist by allowing the criminal to post for bail and go back to being pedophilia.

All of these were recognized by the media as a bold and brave move.

Unfortunately, what happened in the US Capitol was regarded as an act of treason when all the protesters wanted was to oppose the fake elections.

Rep. Kat Cammack, a member of Congress tweeted that Pelosi did not care for the struggling Americans. What Pelosi is doing now is to punish Trump for pushing fair elections.

Some Twitter users pointed out that the Democrats have already prepared the impeachment a long time ago. Author and army veteran Graham Allen shared the same sentiments.

With the turn of events,  this is not going well for America. A president who worked hard amidst the pandemic is being impeached because of one event.

Are the sanctions truly justifies? If not, is everything a whole show of hypocrisy masked as a fight for America?

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