Teachers Union Suppresses School Choice by Blasting School Reopening

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The reopening of academic institutions caused a wide debate among many citizens.

Having kids stay at home for a long time can be tough for parents whose jobs demand them to go out and earn for their household.

Data backs up the sentiments of most Republicans who believe that it is safe to reopen schools. Figures show that infection and transmission rates of the COVID-19 are low among children.

On the contrary, leftist Americans argue that the decision to reopen schools is dangerous. Many Democrats want children to stay at home, even when recent studies show that mental health issues have increased since the global pandemic.

One particular group that is getting flak for sharing misaligned sentiments is the Chicago Teachers Union. In a tweet made on December 6 by its official Twitter account, the organization briefly stated that “The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism, and misogyny.”

It can be noted that numerous teacher’s unions in the US are opposed to the reopening of classrooms because of their leftist sentiments.

The Chicago Teachers Union even filed an injunction to block the planned partial reopening of schools in Chicago, which is originally set on January 11, 2021.

The union may have realized its senseless notion, as the tweet is now deleted from its Twitter account. However, this didn’t stop people from sharing screenshots of the said tweet.

Every school should make a decision if it plans to reopen sooner or later. This prerogative is not respected by most teacher unions, as they continue to spread baseless reasons that veer away from the intent of reopening institutions.

At the same time, the same teachers clamoring for the continued shutdown of schools also argue that they should still be compensated when they aren’t in school.

Nowadays, some of the teachers that we expect to shape the youth only turn out to be supporters of an agenda that is hinted at with partisan undertones.

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