Stripe Halts Processing Payments for President Trump’s Campaign

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Twitter shut down President Trump’s account because of his alleged influence on the people who stormed the Capitol last January 6. Alongside Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, Shopify, and Facebook have banned the president.

Some people continue to accuse the president of using his social media presence to trigger violence. They are also claiming that he violates the service agreements of social media platforms.

The sufferings of Trump supporters and his campaign have continued as major tech companies have expressed their dismay on the president’s alleged involvement in the events that transpired at Capitol.

Stripe, a US financial services company, has removed the Trump campaign from their list. The online payment processing company mentioned that what happened at the US Capitol clearly shows that Trump has encouraged violence.

Stripe announced that it is now rejecting any credit card donations for the president’s campaign. Processing of any payments is also not accepted. For a long time, the Trump campaign has used Stripe for payment transactions.

After Stripe’s announcement of not supporting the president’s campaign, Shopify also bans the Trump Store due to Trump’s alleged promotion of threats and violence at Capitol.

Online platforms are now removing Trump since the event that transpired in the Capitol. The White House aides were also submitting their resignations and denounced their support to Trump.

The Democrats are also working hard to eliminate President Trump from office. According to them, he played a significant role in the political violence last January 6.

Only a week is left before the president steps down, yet the Democrats plan to impeach him. They know that President Trump can no longer be allowed to run again for office once he is impeached.

This move only benefits the greedy, as it is an excuse to say that the impeachment will save the US. Seeing how the Democrats and Republicans are quarreling only leaves the nation even more divided, especially during a global pandemic.

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