PCR Fraud: Is the Pandemic Fear A Political Weapon?

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The World Health Organization has finally admitted that there was a fraud on PCR testing protocols to generate a high number of cycles.

WHO manipulated PCR test results to paint former US President Donald Trump in a bad light. An increase in positive cases surged just to justify the lockdowns. Such lockdowns are allegedly necessary to contain the coronavirus, yet these ended up killing the economy.

Now that President Trump is out of the White House, WHO is now coming out clean by stating that there were inaccuracies with the PCR test.

WHO added that the process of testing does not adhere to the clinical presentation. A test with no symptoms was set higher than 30, and this guideline took effect when Trump was still in office.

If an individual tested positive and didn’t show any symptoms, the cycle threshold (CT) produced is most likely incorrect. If the results do not match, retesting should be done using a different NAT technology.

Just by looking at the numbers, the coronavirus served as a political weapon. Many epidemiologists have warned about PCR test manipulation.

Anthony Fauci once admitted that asymptomatic people couldn’t spread the disease. The statement was later retracted to destroy Trump’s reputation.

In July 2020, Fauci already knew that there is a need to reduce the number of PCR cycles to get accurate results. Despite this, he did not do anything about this and continued to contribute to the pandemic paranoia.

In August 2020, New York Times published an article revealing 90 percent of COVID results that don’t indicate any symptoms. Leftists spread lies about asymptomatic carriers to provoke fear amidst the pandemic.


The PCR fraud shows that the creation of pandemic fear suits the vested interests of leftist groups. Trump has been boosting the economy all along, yet many have been spewing lies to make it appear that he is a villain.


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