Media Targets Trump Legal Team

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The media attacks President Trump’s lawyers over alleged baseless claims of voter fraud. Atty. Rudy Giuliani, the lead lawyer, was often portrayed as spewing lies. The headlines showed no mercy.

Weeks have passed since the wrap-up of the US elections and President Trump’s fight for justice continues.

Early Proclamation of the Media

It can be recalled that the mainstream media announced Joe Biden as the president-elect even before the elections are up. Counting of votes in some states is still ongoing and yet the portrayal of the results of the elections deceive the public.

The Republicans and President Trump’s legal team have filed affidavits for voter fraud and irregularities during the elections. Even allies of the president believe that he has the right to voice out his concerns in the courts. Yet the media finds the move repulsive.

Proofs of Increasing Attacks

Breitbart News reported that the attorneys and representatives face an increasing number of media attacks.

This shows how the media in general shows a vested interest in Biden’s win. The efforts to make press releases to inform the public of the groundless accusations prove this. The accusations against the lawyers are another story, as it shows how the remarks against them are subjective.

Jake Tapper, a news anchor in CNN, remarked that the litigation is “quite insane”. He claimed that the legal team has no evidence to support their claims. Interestingly, he never addressed the affidavits filed by the Trump legal team.

Tapper even attacked the General Services Administration for its refusal to transition the presidency. The government agency has made it clear before that a transition couldn’t be made until Biden has been declared and certified formally as the president-elect.

Even Some Officials Jump In

Even some officials jumped into the tirades. Rep. Bill Pascrell of the Democratic Party announced that he filed a complaint against Atty. Giuliani. He claims that the attorney engaged in frivolous actions and dishonest conduct. The complaint wasn’t backed up with any specific examples.

Atty. Harmeet Kaur Dhillon called out Pascrell in a tweet, saying “This type of complaint from a random political hack literally NEVER leads to disbarment or even sanctions, at least in California.” Pascrell isn’t a client yet he jumped into the issue, making accusations on the lead lawyer of the Trump legal team.

The presidential race is not yet over. Some states still have to finish recounting and auditing votes. So long as all the results are in, the legal aides of President Trump have every right to fight for their disputes. The Republicans are in support of this move no matter how hard the media portrays otherwise.

We think it might be a good time to remind the media that the people are watching.  We see what you are actually doing and not all of us drink the mindless punch.

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