Mainstream Media Silences Conservatives

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For the past years, the conservative media has been growing from news sites to social media platforms. This prompts some media outlets like The New York Times to ruin its reputation.

CNN and MSNBC are two examples of solid Democrat supporters that lambast Conservatives. They find ways to set up Conservatives by taking statements out of context, thus failing to show actual accounts.

When it comes to conservative news, mainstream media has become biased.

The New York Times has released an article calling Fox News to be subjected under trial together with former President Trump.

According to Nicholas Kristof, the writer of the op-ed, Fox is liable for the January 6 bloody protests. He asserted that Fox News is hyping information and conspiracy theories.

Moreover, he expressed his frustration on Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, who he claims should’ve been part of the impeachment.

Such sentiments don’t come as a surprise, since the Times’ employees have no freedom of speech.

As of writing, Kristof received backfire for this published article. The article makes people believe it is acceptable to place conservative media outlets on trial. It shows an extremist concept that veers away from the freedom of speech covered by the US Constitution.

Despite this, the leftists spread propaganda by defending the sentiments of Kristof. The January 6 riots were used to insist that any supporter of Donald Trump should be held liable.

However, people know better.

Accusing Americans and news portals to go under trial suppresses freedom of speech. If such false ideologies continue, the voice of Americans will never be heard.

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