Love Is Not Tourism: The Problem With Travel Bans

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Travel bans and restrictions to certain countries should’ve already been lifted, as they are deemed to be ineffective in preventing the spread of the coronavirus. However, Joe Biden rejected this act of compassion shown by the Trump administration.

During Trump’s term, the travel bans were enacted for people who had been to China, Iran, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Brazil. There are plans to lift some of the travel restrictions, especially for the UK and Europe. Expectations arose, but dreams are shattered when the Biden administration announced that the travel restrictions will remain.

Moreover, China and Iran have remained on the restricted list. The nations failed to cooperate with authorities and declined to give accurate data on COVID-19 within their territories.

For some time now, Trump’s task force on coronavirus has already considered lifting bans. This decision was based on the fact that it did not resolve the spread of the virus.

According to Trump’s latest executive order, public health officials have proven to share reliable data with the United States. The agreement resulted in a positive response from these jurisdictions to cooperate.

The order was also supported by Dr. Martin Cetron, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Division of Global Migration and Quarantine. According to him, the travel bans were not helping, and that it only made the economy suffer.

Biden and his administration are in opposition. Jen Psaki, Biden’s spokeswoman, stated that the new administration will impose travel restrictions.

Biden’s administration pushes for stricter travel measures and guidelines before anyone can travel. The guidelines will include a mandatory period of quarantine before and after the flight and a COVID-19 test.

With these new guidelines, travel will be inconvenient because not all airports are equipped. Long delays will be encountered since there will be new protocols on hygiene.

The truth is many people have been campaigning on travels to resume. Officials from the UK and European Union and airline groups have also expressed their desire to bring back travel.

The hashtag LoveIsNotTourism has also been trending on Twitter, as many people claim that reuniting with loved ones can still be done by following safety protocols.

Moreover, the travel ban is questionable if the only reason given is the worsening crisis. There are 22,000 fans expected to attend the Super Bowl, yet reuniting families couldn’t be done.

The compassion for Americans and their loved ones across the borders is thrown out of the window. Mere excuses are given to justify that the travel ban imposed is because of the current health crisis.

A crisis that seems totally nonsensical. We have seen higher death rates from the seasonal flu and more deaths worldwide from the same without this kind of response. What is the real reason for the travel ban and other restrictions if the stats don’t seem to add up to what we are being told?

Regardless, people deserve to be able to see family and loved ones so when is it safe for them to do so?  Seems to us if you can shop at Walmart then, you can shop at the locally owned shops and you can fly home to family.

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