Keystone Pipeline Cancellation Leaves Thousands Jobless

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Joe Biden signed to halt the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The pipeline aims to make an efficient oil transport by carrying crude oil from Canada to the United States.

The suspension of the pipeline construction means an end to 11,000 jobs and 8,000 union jobs in 2021.

One of the affected workers is Neal Crabtree, a 46-year-old welding foreman who started working as an apprentice in 1997. During a Fox News interview, he shared his frustration over the cancellation is still be seen.

Crabtree expressed that this is not the time for political statements and that the government should look for ways to help Americans by providing work. He added that he and his team have been jobless because of the cancelled projects the pandemic caused.

Crabtree has slammed Democratic politicians who carelessly stated that affected workers can still look for other jobs. He added that looking for another job in another industry means starting all over again. The burden is placed on workers, yet the government wants to push for its delusive plans.

The new administration explained that the US is going through an economical crisis, yet the actions show how it doesn’t care for its people. The pipeline cancellation means more oil import.

The poor strategy on fighting climate change was recognized and praised by different environmental movements but considered a major disappointment by many others.

Canada will also suffer the blow.

Prime Minister Justine Trudeau of Canada was disappointed due to economic and energy security. He highlighted that bilateral relations of Canada and US should prevail

However, Biden’s administration said that the permit of Keystone XL pipeline was not coherent to economy and climate requirements. Biden’s administration insisted that the cancelation is the first step to resolve climate problems.

The associate director of natural resource studies at the Fraser Institute, Elmira Aliakbari disapproves the Biden’s administration regarding solving climate problems. She said that the move will not help the reduction of emissions.

Moreover, she stated that it will not lessen the US oil dependency but will have higher chance to depend on oil imports from other countries such as Venezuela and Russia. She explained that the import of foreign oil will significantly increase emissions that will get in the US.

The pipeline could’ve provided more jobs and could’ve enabled a safe and more convenient way to transport oil instead of trains.

However, this convenience was taken away from everyone, with the advocacy masked as a fight for renewable energy.



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