Judge Jeanine Sheds Light on Presidential Election’s Discrepancies

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On November 21, Judge Jeanine Pirro tackled the US election issues during her opening statement on the episode of Justice with Judge Jeanine.

She outlined all the issues that everyone needs to be aware of. Most media outlets blast the Trump legal team in the past weeks and they try to debunk the issues that need to be voiced out.

Conspiracies and Ongoing Political Corruption

Judge Jeanine highlighted how everyone has heard about some people wanting to eliminate President Trump to save America.

She mentioned how almost daily Democrats try to find evidence against the president. Among these is Adam Schiff who failed to show evidence on such allegations. This has been the ongoing case for four years.

Political corruption is another concern. She said that it runs through the bloodlines of cities like Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Detroit.

“These are serious allegations but the media has no interest in any of this but you and I do as we should. Because 73 million Americans voted for Donald Trump.”

Suspicious Incidents During the Presidential Elections

Judge Jeanine named a long list of questionable incidents during the initial counting of votes. 

Some of the issues raised include:

  • A backdoor system is capable of flipping votes.
  • American votes being counted in a foreign country.
  • Pre-printed ballots that suggest a presidential candidate (suggesting Biden) have been selected.
  • Votes are initially favored by President Trump but the next morning there is an increased vote for Biden.
  • In Atlanta, absentee ballots were counted: 100% Biden, 0 Trump.
  • A declarant who holds a doctorate in Economics and Engineering from Stanford claimed that Georgia used the Dominion voting system which is known to have technical glitches.
  • Technical glitches could have affected thousands of absentee mailing ballots.
  • On November 4, Joe Biden received a batch of 134,886 votes at 6:30 AM.
  • In Wisconsin, Biden received a dump of 143,000 at 3:42 AM the day after the elections.

Judge Jeanine pointed out that these incidents were taken from affidavits. These affidavits can be used as factual allegations. There are 250 affidavits from people who are ready to testify. These people are ready to face backlash in the name of justice.

From a legal perspective, she highlighted that the affidavits are signed by individuals under penalty of perjury. People who signed know they will face prosecution if it has been found out they lied.

These incidents show how the election process shows multiple flaws. Yet the media seems to ignore this.

The results of the presidential elections determine the president who will lead the US for four consecutive years. Any discrepancies in the elections need to be cleared instead of blindingly moving on without pulling out the problems at their roots.

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