Is Pelosi’s Tesla Stock Purchase An Instance of Insider Trading?

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Last January 23, the financial disclosures of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were released.

It was reported that her husband bought 25 call options on Telsa stock amounting to $500,000 which will expire in March.

The data released made everyone question the morality of the action.

Pelosi was given the right to purchase a massive number of stocks in Tesla for only $500 per share and at a fixed rate.

What caught everyone’s attention is that Joe Biden recently announced his plan to acquire electric government vehicles.

The announcement was made weeks after Pelosi’s husband bought the shares. Everyone knows that Tesla is a company known as the largest manufacturer of electric-powered vehicles.

When President Biden announced his plan on purchasing electric vehicles, the shares of Tesla have spiked up to $900.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi can still buy them at $500 because of her fixed rate option. No doubt that she will gain a lot of money, as she or her husband can sell their stocks at a higher rate.

It looks like Pelosi has learned so many investment tips from her close friend Biden and can work for Wall Street for another 60 years with her amazing investment skills.

The truth is Pelosi has not done anything illegal, but she knows how to play her options very well and to her advantage.

Even as a house speaker, the action isn’t illegal, but can it be considered moral?

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