Ignoring Trump Supporters: Hypocrisy and Double Standards?

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Unarmed protesters marched to the US Capitol to make their voices heard.  An article written by Jason Whitlock documented the unfair judgment and the cry of people at the US Capitol.

What happened at the Capitol is a result of inconsiderate actions from the other camp. If there were no police shooting and killing of an innocent, unarmed 14-year Airforce veteran, the protest would have been peaceful. It will not be a political riot, after all.

Jason Whitlock wrote that over the years, elites had manipulated every sector of society. These elites have been consistent in making Trump supporters racists.

These elites are the same people who have made the following personalities icons: Michael Brown, George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Rayshard Brooks, and Erick Garner.

President Trump’s critics said that what happened last Wednesday at the Capitol was provoked by Trump. The so-called political violence, according to his critics, is the president’s idea. However, the people who have been criticizing Trump are the ones promoting political violence over the years.

Star player of Boston Celtics Jaylen Brown told the reports that the tension reminded him of what Dr. Martin Luther King said: there are two different Americas.

“It reminds me of what Dr. Martin Luther King has said, that there’s two split different Americas,” Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown told reporters. “In one America, you get killed by sleeping in your car, selling cigarettes or playing in your backyard. And then in another America, you get to storm the Capitol and no tear gas, no massive arrests, none of that”, he added.

Whitlock argued that what he sees is that there are two American realities. The first American reality has made a false world where elites support the impoverished lives of Black people who are criminals.

When they said that Black Lives Matter is not real because they have no interest in those thousand black people killed in a gang fight and even drug violence.

What they are after is to getexposure on social media that will help them monetize these platforms. On the other hand, the rest of Americans live in another universe driven by facts and common sense.

According to Jason Whitlock, not all Americans live in a realistic world. Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers whom he respected so much, has a different view of Capitol.

Rivers, in an interview, said that people at the Capitol were escorted peacefully. He added that if it were black people storming in, it would be a different scenario.

Whitlock stated that the media, personalities, and celebrities had made black protesters like heroes. He added that the high society prioritizes this Black Lives Matter propaganda heavily because there is so much money and fame involved.

Whitlock observed that if you are a Trump supporter, there are misconceptions. You are tagged immediately as a racist and an idiot who needs to be ignored or even silenced.

In his article, he reiterated that Trump supporters would not allow this false world to happen in America since it is their country too. What is happening now, as stated by Whitlock, is not about skin color.

He mentioned that the lawmakers had sold the working class. He compared it to selling the life of his parents, who made him rise from poverty. His father is a businessman who provides work to other people, and his mother, a factory worker in Indianapolis. The black people he grew up with are also like his parents, who wanted to improve their lives.

Whitlock concluded his article by saying that Trumpism is the voice of Americans who are unimpressed with the adoption of cultures of France, China, Italy, Cuba, Venezuela, and Canada.

Expressing support for Trump shows how real US citizens value legitimacy and validity against the fraud elections.

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