How President Trump Improved the Lives of Minorities

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During President Donald Trump’s term, he has accomplished a lot of programs that are beneficial to Americans specifically to the minority group.

Over the years, minority groups have struggled when it comes to opportunities, but the president’s efforts and programs brought significant change to the minorities.

Here are the four breakthrough achievements of the Trumps administration that significantly improved the lives of minorities living in the US:

Increased Employment Rate

In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the unemployment rate is below 6%. This is the first time that the Black community experienced growth when it comes to employment.

In addition to this, Hispanic unemployment is at 4.5% and Asian unemployment hit 3.1% from 3.8% in the previous years.

An important highlight during the Trump administration is that the gap between the minority and the general population dropped.

Compared to Obama’s 5.2% unemployment rate, under President Trump, it was reduced to 3%. The rate of job growth during President Trump’s term is 40% higher than Obama’s.

Utilization of Job Training

President Trump signed a bill that allotted $150 million for “earn-to-learn” training programs for the minorities in 2017. Without job pieces of training, the right and proper job skills will not be attained.

The president emphasized the creation of training resources that are non-college based. This training benefitted 3.8 million workers. Private sectors and huge companies such as General Motors and Walmart supported this initiative.

Expansion of Educational Opportunities

President Trump highly believes that every child should be provided with good education from private and public schools. Being an education advocate, he made sure to rally these educational programs across America.

The scholarship programs during his term allowed students who belong to the minority to have access to good education. Furthermore, he signed a bill that provided an additional $34.9 million in funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Currently, the total fund is $279 million which will be used in the construction of new buildings for HBCUs

Amendments on the Prison Guidelines

President Trump pushed reform programs for minorities. Prison reforms during his time include the following:

  • More than 3000 inmates were freed and 1700 people who were sentenced to pardonable drug verdicts obtained diminution in their sentences. It was also during President Trump’s term that the punishment for the “three strikes” rule was reduced from life imprisonment to 25 years.
  • The 1980 contentious legislation which imprisoned people of color regarding the war on drugs was replaced with the First Step Act.
  • By the end of 2019, a bipartisan bill has also achieved success. Around 16, 000 prisoners experienced drug treatment programs. $50 million funds were also allotted for education and job skills training 

President Trump has significantly given hope to the lives of the minorities. His programs on improving lives have the fastest rate so far for over the years, as compared to Democrat presidents who proved to be incompetent in doing their job.

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