Health Workers Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine Shots

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COVID-19 vaccines may have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration but this doesn’t mean vaccine shots will be the solution to the pandemic.

Despite the availability, not everyone is willing to take a shot—health workers included.

The vaccines are widely distributed to vaccinate people as many as possible. The groups who will first receive the vaccine include the elderly and health professionals.

Healthcare workers were put in priority because they have direct contact with COVID-29 patients. Despite the priority access, several healthcare workers are not in favor of accepting the vaccine.

There are health workers who believe that using masks and social distancing measures are already enough. In addition to this, each vaccine is made quickly and only recently, so no one can vouch for its effectiveness.

There are reports that allergic reactions were experienced from Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. These reports have prompted health workers who are unwilling to be vaccinated because of possible side effects.

St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Tehama Country, a hospital in California, has less than 350 health workers who wanted to receive the vaccine.

This is also the same in Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills and other frontline workers in L.A. and Riverside Counties. There are only 20% of doctors and medical workers who want to be vaccinated.

The situation isn’t much different from Ohio.

Even before the vaccines have been approved, the debate on the mandatory COVID-19 vaccination has been a sensitive issue. Some studies show that mandates on vaccines are harmful.

Individuals who aren’t in the healthcare field also have reservations about getting the shot. Since the production of vaccines was pushed quickly, many Americans mentioned that they will have to wait further and observe the reaction of vaccine to others.

The experts have spoken. These people who are in the healthcare profession are unwilling to take the vaccine. This shows that the mandatory vaccine shot isn’t the solution to the coronavirus.

After all, are these vaccines safe to use?  

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