Former Dem Candidate Pushes for Orwellian Barcodes

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Human barcode scam

Taiwanese businessman and forfeited presidential candidate Andrew Yang says that all Americans should be given barcodes to show that they have been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

He announced his statement via his official Twitter account. He added that instead of paper vaccination cards as proof, the government must issue a digital version to people which they can easily download using their phones. He said that marking and collection of data will now be easy.

Yang finds this idea appealing because he thinks that it is the most significant way to get back to normal. “It will be tough to have mass gatherings like concerts or ballgames ever again without “either mass adoption of the vaccine or means of signaling,” he argues.

He even mentioned in his tweet that he was tested and gotten a bracelet to show he was negative during a photoshoot. According to Yang, this act of having unique barcodes can make us move freely.

Anit Mukherjee from the Center of Global Development says that vaccination cards that Andrew Yang oppose are almost a certainty of returning to normal. Mukherjee stated that there will be gatekeepers on places to check if people have been vaccinated.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also supported the use of immunity cards for showing vaccination. The organization is already planning to set vaccine kits with these immunity cards.

Director Robert Starbuck also posted a tweet “This is Nazi talk, Andrew. How about yellow star attached to our shirts?”

A Jew expressed his frustration with Andrew Yang’s barcode idea. “It is insulting. People are comparing a QR code that shows whether you can transmit a deadly disease to the Nazis marking my ancestors for slaughter, but whatever.”

Andrew Yang is known for promoting the same plan of Communist China. Xi Jin Ping, leder of the Chinese Communist Party, announced that he wanted to see the whole world tracked with a barcode system. He announced at a recent G20 meeting in Italy that we need regulations that will establish order among people.

Are barcodes effective in tracking progress? Arguments like this show that Democrats pretend to have done their research done.

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