Forensic Audit Reveals Deleted Security Log Files in Dominion Machines

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The Dominion voting system proves to be an unreliable means of casting votes. A forensic audit showed how vote switching was covered up by the deletion of security log files.

Antrim Country Michigan courts ordered an audit of Dominion voting machines after the election officials found glitches that overturn 6000 Trump votes to Biden.

Allied Security Operation Group (ASOG) is the group that conducted the forensic audit. They have studied the flashcards and memory sticks used in the local precincts for the thorough investigation of the switching of votes.The group found out that there was a well-coordinated attempt to conceal the security logs.

According to Russel Ramsland who wrote the report, “The lack of records prevents any form of audit accountability, and their conspicuous absence is extremely suspicious since the files exist for previous years using the same software.”

It was found out that the voting machines in Antrim County rejected a big number of ballots for adjudication. The Dominion voting machines appear to be programmed to reject an extensive number of ballots. Any corrupt Democrat election worker can determine the destiny of these ballots. In the process of adjudication, election workers are allowed to regulate the result of each ballot.

The only way to conduct an audit and identify an attack on the system files is through the security logs. These logs contain all authentication, domain controls, and error codes. The logs contain network connections to servers, file accesses, and dates of transfers.

There is no evident explanation of why the security logs are missing according to Ramsland. He also added that the records for the 2020 election cycle have been eliminated.

The security logs are the only way to conduct an audit trail and to detect more advanced outside attacks on the system files. Ramsland warned that there “is not reasonable explanation for the security logs to be missing.”

The logs contain all the authentication failures, domain controls, and error codes. They also contain information on the network connections to the file servers, which includes the times, data transfers, internet connections, and file accesses.

The security logs will be difficult to trace since the conspirators deleted the files and adjudication logs before 11:00 PM.

The votes cast in Central Lake Township which is home to 1,500 voters were reviewed by the ASOG cybersecurity team. It was revealed that during the second tabulation of results there are 1474 votes altered in the said precinct. The votes were added to another candidate while the vote for the other candidate was gone.

The elections in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin cannot be certified under the law due to the concrete evidence of election fraud.

The conducted forensic audit of the Dominion voting machines is significant, as it sheds light on the massive election fraud that Democrats keep covering up.

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