Federal Courts Support President Trump on Immigration Policies

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Immigration policies under the Trump administration aim to crack down on illegal settlers moving to the United States. The federal courts agree with the importance of the necessary changes in advocating for legal immigration.

The United States has been relying on immigration laws which were implemented in 1965 and 1990. The previous presidents before President Donald Trump failed to improve policies that long need to be improved.

Having a wise and sharp leader like the president allows accurate executive orders to be rendered.

The best proof of this point happened last December 31, 2020, when the 9th US Circuit of Appeals reestablished the restriction of the entry of immigrants who are not capable to support their healthcare insurance for 30 days.

In October 2019, the lower court granted a temporary order on this. However, President Trump appealed, and it was submitted to the 9th Circuit before September 2, 2020.

After four months, the court handled the appeal. The 9th circuit stated that the lower court has abused its power when people with ulterior motives tried to disobey the president’s proclamation and eradicated the ban.

This effort made by President Trump has gained full support from the people who are in favor of stricter immigration policies and control.

A strategic plan should be prepared when it comes to immigration policies. To deal with the immigration policies, patience and tactfulness should be observed.

The move by the president is one good example of a leader who is true to his promise in making America First.

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