Fake Ballots and Chinese Shipping Receipts Retrieved in Georgia

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Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock, revealed that sham Chinese ballots along with shipping receipts were found in a shredding bin in Georgia.

China transported cargos of fake ballots to Fulton Country to benefit Joe Biden. The people behind this anomaly were supposed to rip up these ballots in the shredding bin but missed the shipping receipts.

Election fraud took place in the politically corrupt state of Georgia,  particularly in Fulton County. The fake ballots were used and inserted into the voting machines.

This took place as everyone was advised to go home.  Ruby Freeman, Ralph Jones, and other accomplices allowed this to happen.

According to Byrne, last December 30, the Georgia Senate Judiciary agreed to investigate the operation in Fulton Country.

After several hours, a van filled with voting paraphernalia was withdrawn. There were 3000 pounds of ballots to be shredded by a shredding company in Cobb country. This was discovered by authorities on December 31.

The papers were stuck in the shredding bin. The authorities found out that the shipping receipts of these papers were printed in China. Examiners further investigated the paper and discovered that they are not authentic ballots.

Another incident happened in Michigan wherein a printing shop suspected printed a ballot for a lot of key states which includes Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

The ballots were made for Biden and were transported to different locations to add to his votes. Text messages, official statements, and testimonies of this incident were documented.

The newfound evidence of the Chinese shipping receipt will further prove that Joe Biden did not win the election.

Byrne further stated that the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security were instructed not to be involved in this that cause so many frustrations for most of the Americans.

Byrne challenged all Americans to stand up against this fraud most especially since the media has been ignoring this fake election.

President Trump together with his team has been working so hard to expose and investigate the fraud that took place during the presidential elections. The evidence is massive.

However, will this be considered by the Congress and Supreme Court or will they turn a blind eye days before the inauguration of the next US president?

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