Election Fraud Triggers Nationwide Conflicts

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An investigative report stated that Americans were powerless in the recent elections.  The results of the election were manipulated by people with a selfish agenda.

The fake 2020 election could possibly trigger a civil war. Whatever the result is on January 20, the two sides will not reach an agreement.

President Trump’s side believed that there is wide mass voter fraud which was proven with fake ballots and ineligible votes. On the other hand, Joe Biden’s camp said that the 2020 election is just and fair.

Democrats do not want to participate in the validating of the election, as proposed by Sen. Ted Cruz. The senator suggested that before the electoral college vote, a 10-day audit of results should be done. This request was considered normal, but the stakes are high.

The 10-day audit is considered a short time and will not reveal the true results of the elections. If the audit has been done one month ago, the genuine votes of the people will emerge.  

With everything that is taking place, the Trump administration is surrounded by numerous political betrayers. The efforts of Trump’s side on transparency in the elections is now out of reach.

The result of the election clearly showed errors on the official counts, thus prompting a complete audit.

When something is being contested or appealed, standard operating procedures should be performed.

Americans witnessed illegal ballots that were counted, destruction of ballots, and vote switching in the last election.

In addition to this, there are reported incidents of fraud in different key states. Despite these incidents, courts have agreed to dismiss the request of Americans for a proper recount.

The 2020 election audit has already passed. Unfortunately, this is a sign that that future of the US is at stake. The outcome of this election might be tagged as the day where Americans have been overpowered by people who manipulate the votes.

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