Does Twitter Suppress the Freedom of Speech by Manipulation?

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Has Twitter turned into a Nazi platform?

In 2011, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo highlighted that Twitter is a platform for free speech. A year later, Twitter UK general manager Tony Wang reiterated that the company’s founding principle is to remain neutral as much as possible.

After 10 years, a new stand unfolds. For over the years, Twitter has bullied Trump by making his tweets on filters, blocking his official statements and even censoring Trump’s advisors.

Twitter favors the Dems, especially Joe Biden. People have been duped and now see things better.

Twitter is extremely aggressive in refusing to circulate  New York Post’s article on the Biden family’s corruption. It prohibited the users from sharing the story.

Moreover, it threatened to lock the accounts of users who attempt to do so. It even scanned the direct messages intended for private communication.

Users criticized the move that censors freedom of speech. However, Twitter is stubborn in telling the public that this strategy prevents the spread of false information. The social media giant claims that any false information on its platform can influence the behavior of voters.

This statement is contrary to what their CEO Jack Dorsey claimed during the oath to the Senate Committee. He said that Twitter is incapable of influencing the outcome of the elections.

Senator Ted Cruz even questioned Dorsey why the social media platform is moderating political content.

Twitter restrained political content when they banned Steve Bannon, former US President Donald Trump’s former advisor.

Steve Bannon was prohibited from posting his desire to see Dr. Anthony Fauci’s head on a pike. Nonetheless, Twitter allowed Kathy Griffin to repost a photo of a beheaded President Trump.

Richard Baris, the senior editor at People’s Pundit Daily, also experienced his account blocked when he tweeted about election fraud.

Over the years, Twitter does not censor false claims made against Trump. It took a presidential election to make people see the reality.

Subscriber count for some accounts is also going down without any valid reason.

Twitter keeps on censoring information that supports Trump, yet it allows fake accounts to support Biden.

Further, what’s with the Biden Administration tab?

Big Tech companies like Twitter started as a startup that aims to provide a platform for freedom of speech. Yet over the years, it has just grown into a platform that manipulates information by filtering the tweets it only wants people to see.

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