Democrats Find Excuses To Convict Trump Even When Impeachment Is Over

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The impeachment trial against Trump is considered the most biased impeachment in the United States of America’s history.

Democrats have launched the proceedings despite knowing that there are only a few Senate votes to convict former President Trump.

The trial made numerous senators exhausted. The Republicans all agreed that Democrats do not have any solid case against Trump.

Democrats are defensive, even when there is no solid proof of inciting the Capitol riot. Instead, they blame Republicans for their incompetence.

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas stated that Trump’s impeachment trial is just full of lies. He explained that impeachment managers failed to prove that the former president was engaged in violations or disobeyed the law.

The trial is over. However, the Democrats look for excuses and find ways to twist the truth.

Sen. Cruz also pointed out that the moves and statements of Democrats are comparable to their remarks against Trump even before the January 6 protests.

After all, what the leftists plotted is all going in vain.

Even ABC News is trying to report falsely what Americans wanted.

CNN is not an exception.

The mainstream media favors Biden even before the 2020 presidential elections, so such propaganda doesn’t come as a surprise.

It looks like Democrats and the mainstream media have a lot of time to spare. 

Countless Americans are affected. Pipeline workers who Biden fired were struggling. Small businesses continue to suffer because of the regulations pioneered by the current White House administration.

Instead of working on all Americans’ economic and social benefits, Democrat politicians still find ways to come up with excuses to find other grounds for impeachment.

What happened to America First?

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