Democrat Lawyer Claims Voting Machines Are Faulty

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One of the top Democrat lawyers has just confirmed that the 2020 presidential elections are rigged.


Marc Elias, a former attorney for Hillary Clinton, claimed that faulty machines affected a congressional race’s election results in New York.

Since Elias claimed that there are issues with the figures recorded by the voting machines, it shows that even Democrats are swallowing their own words.

Republicans have been pointing out that the Dominion voting machines produce questionable results.

This time even a top Democrat lawyer could no longer hide the truth and used it to make a point in the courts.

Elias is no random lawyer, as he has worked for high-profile political figures. Elias has allegedly funded the fake Russian dossier by using the money from Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

To challenge a Republican win, he appeared in the court on February 5 and argued that the voting machines are unreliable. Republican Claudia Tenney won the seat in the 22nd congressional district of New York, with a lead of 109 votes against Democrat Anthony Brindisi.

Elias wrote, “There is reason to believe that voting tabulation machines misread hundreds if not thousands of valid votes.”

This Democrat lawyer’s statement seems to be backfiring. All along, Democrats are insisting that there was no election fraud. Yet when the results don’t go according to their favor, they now use the election fraud card.

Republicans have been fighting for the truth, yet Democrats take the elections lightly and only claim election fraud for their own benefit. Which party shows hypocrisy?

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