Democrat Impeachment Managers Fail To Present Riot Incitement Evidence Against Trump

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The Senate is on a roll as they keep themselves involved in former US President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

The problem lies in the Senate’s jurisdiction to impeach a president who already left his seat in the office. There were 44 senators who voted that the trial is unconstitutional.

One of the impeachment managers, Rep. Eric Swalwell, is trying to save the Democrat impeachment managers’ reputation. He clarified that the impeachment managers do not claim that all people who went to the Capitol on January 6 are actively involved in the riot.

If this is the case, who are the real people to be blamed? Shouldn’t it be the people who tried to take siege of the Capitol?

Democrats couldn’t even come up with a piece of evidence for Trump’s involvement.

Democrats are pushing for the impeachment to continue, but the majority already knows that the case is going nowhere.

Democrats claim that Trump’s impeachment is a serious matter. They point out that the US Capitol riot is a national security issue.

Instead of focusing on the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, Democrats have other priorities.

They spend their time on the impeachment and try to prove their case when important matters are at hand, such as the battle against the global pandemic. 

The media and even ill-informed people keep on blowing up the impeachment case in favor of Democrats, thus allowing people to make assumptions based on lack of evidence.

It is why Democrats are jumping on the bandwagon and spreading propaganda.

Why is the former president who is rallying for America’s glory dragged into the mess and tagged as an inciter of violence?



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