Chinese Royalty Shows Proof of China Printing 5M Counterfeit US Ballots

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A whistleblower who is of Chinese royal descent steps forward by confirming the photos and videos circulating in social media as proof of the printing of fake ballots.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported a video of a phone call that requests to have fake ballots customized by a Chinese factory alleged to be in Kwangtung. The video is in Mandarin Chinese.

In the video released, the conversation starts with the factory representative asking about how many pieces should be printed. The customer then responds by saying that the request is for bulk order, and later on asked if the factory ships internationally. The conversation ended with the price being settled.

The order was said to be for five million ballots. This means that five million votes were being falsified.

In the video, it can be noted on the 0:54 second mark that one of the ballots reads, “Charlotte County Florida”. The ballots are same with the ones used and counted in Charlotte.

The creator of the video gathered the information from posts originally reported in Taiwan. Some evidence shows that there are templates of the ballots printed for Mississippi. Even photos of the Chinese factory were shared.

Mr. Vinness A. Ollervides, the source of the information, confirmed the details. He is in the third generation of the Chinese Communist Party aristocracy. He is educated in the West and can speak six languages.

His father, who is now dead, was imprisoned for actively participating in the anti-corruption campaign of Xi Jinping, the incumbent leader of the Chinese Communist Party.

Ollervides is an artist and a writer and now works as a political activist. He made a public speech about the civil democracy of Taiwan, Manchu, and Tibet. The move made him banned from entering his homeland.

Even political activists like Ollervides show evidence that the US suffered from fraud during the US presidential elections. People who are not of American descent step forward to show that justice needs to be served.

Unfortunately, there are US citizens born and raised in America who turn a blind eye to this national issue. What should it take for Democrats to face the truth?

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