China’s Coronavirus Testing Collects American DNA Samples

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According to the United States intelligence officials, mass testing is a way for China to gather Americans’ DNA. The data collected is transferred to Chicoms for further analysis and investigation.

Bill Evanina, Director of the United States National Counterintelligence and Security Center, said that the biometric data from COVID-19 tests could be stored and worst—be exploited.

In an interview, Evanina stated that China is investing in US biotech companies to gather more DNA. The communist country is taking advantage of this pandemic. The largest biotechnology globally, BGI Group, is based in China and operates COVID testing labs in the whole country.

Evanina also expressed his worry about the sprouting of the ancestry companies, leading to possible involvement in this matter. These companies can randomly transfer human DNA samples to these Chinese companies.

The military already warned their members not to avail or use any direct-to-consumer companies. The test can be unchecked and can lead to the possible public exposure of DNA.

Evanina successfully prohibited states from allying with the BGI group. Together with his team, they have given out an advisory on the Chinese virus test’s potential risk.

One of the significant concerns that Evanina sees is that China can use human DNA to secure its global power on the health care system. There is a high chance that China will use the data to monopolize the health industry.

He mentioned that China is trying to eradicate US healthcare services that could potentially destroy the US economy. Though on a smaller scale, the US is currently dependent on China for protective gear, medical gowns, and face masks.

A former biochemist turned supervisory special agent within the FBI, Edward You, warned the public that there would come a time where communist China will control anything related to health. From drugs, vaccines and even doctors, they can dominate the global health care system.

Reporter Jon Wertheim contacted the genealogy companies on how the DNA data is used. According to Ann Wojcicki, CEO of the California-based DNA testing firm 23andMe, big pharmaceuticals companies mainly use it to create patented drugs.

She added that with the valuable data they have acquired, they empower individuals to create something that will benefit many.

When Wojcicki was asked regarding the involvement of communist China in this process, her lips were sealed, and she said that they need to be “super vigilant.” She said that China is investing billions of dollars in developing programs on genetics.

If the pandemic continues, there’s no doubt China will be benefitting the most. It’s also interesting to note that Democrats push for the vaccination.

Why does the current US administration want to disassociate the coronavirus from China? Everyone knows its origins.

Are Biden and his puppets trying to cover up something?

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