Carson Blasts Dems’ Twisted Trump Attacks

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In an interview at Fox News dated January 26, former Housing and Urban Development Head Dr. Ben Carson lambasted the Democratic legislators.

He criticized them for behaving like third graders. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims that former US President Donald Trump is a threat to the nation. However, the leftists remain unscathed even when they threaten the former president and his family.

Representatives Joaquin Castro (D-TX), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and Jamie Raskin (D-MD) expressed that they do not want Trump to run again in any federal office soon. Carson stated that these statements from the Democrats show revenge.

Many people wonder if Trump will run for the 2024 elections, yet the election fraud remains unsolved.

Carson added that Democrats wanted to punish Trump for his actions, which they allegedly claim are evil. What Carson says he doesn’t understand is that Trump was already out of the office, yet these Democrats endlessly tarnish Trump’s reputation.

With the ongoing pandemic and challenges in the economic conditions brought by lockdowns and quarantine restrictions, Democrats should be shifting their focus to how to help the whole nation.

Supporters of Trump are getting the flak simply because they stand up for America.

It’s unfortunate how the media can portray an individual differently, and everyone jumps in on the bandwagon.

Instead of dividing the nation, Dems need to get over their vested interests and work together with the Republicans to help Americans survive the global pandemic.

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