Brainwashed Harvard Students Sign Petition to Revoke Degrees of Alumni Who Support Trump  

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Harvard University students signed a petition to revoke the degrees of alumni who support Donald Trump.

Harvard students who were brainwashed to believe that Trump is responsible for the political violence want to punish those who have shown support to Trump. They were made to believe that Trump supporters are domestic terrorists.

The petition focused on a narrative that states that what transpired in the Capitol resulted to death and injuries. Students call for a stand for democracy and protect people against violence.

Prominent alumni of Harvard University like White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Senator Ted Crus and Rep. Dan Crenshaw were petitioned to have their degrees revoked for supporting Trump. The petition claimed that these three allowed the protesters to enter the Capitol by opening the gate.

Moreover, Representative Dan Crenshaw (HKS ’17) showed support to the December Texas lawsuit regarding the invalidation of the election.

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz (HLS ’97) together with Press Secretary Kayleigh MEnany (HLS ’17), denied the petition of election certification of violence in Capitol.

Even though these three Harvard graduates did not partake in the violence, the brainwashed Harvard students think otherwise.

According to them, any form of denying the validity of the election should be reprimanded. Students have added that these three have used their platforms to promote their stand on fraudulent elections.

For these students, what these three have shown do not adhere to Harvard’s commitment to empowering democracy and promoting integrity and justice.

There are also faculty members who have joined the petition. These faculty members have blacklisted people who have shown support to the Trump administration.

Sadly, this is what our current state looks like. We are made to accept and believe that the fake presidential election is true. We have embraced fascism.

Everyone knows that Joe Biden is not the real president based on the evidences gathered, yet we allow him to be the next president who will rule America.

We cannot deny that those who have remained firm on their stand of Biden being a fake president will be silenced and punished.

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