Biden’s New Orders Lack Empathy Towards Americans

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Now that former US President Donald Trump is out of the White House, Joe Biden has signed and issued executive orders during the first hours of his term. Unfortunately, such orders are against making America great.

Just by looking at the plans and newly signed orders of the president who won the fake elections, anyone can see how the ruling class can manipulate Americans.

Signing of Paris Climate Accord

Trump has pulled out America from the agreement. He believed that the US should be responsible for cutting bulk emissions and not being China and India, the most significant carbon dioxide polluters.

Trump stated that the agreement costs $450 billion a year, which is painful for American companies. Meanwhile, Biden thought otherwise and pushed the US to join the Paris agreement.

Rejoining the US in the World Health Organization

Who would not forget Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus? Never forget the name of the WHO chief officer responsible for helping China conceal COVID-19 from the rest of the nations.

Mandatory wearing of face masks

Nearly a year after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Biden has issued a 100-day mask challenge that includes wearing masks in all federal buildings. Biden has brainwashed some people that wearing masks will help in bending the curve of infections.

Studies show that prolonged wearing of masks poses health risks, especially to children. Moreover, surgical face masks harm the environment.

Energy price hike

Many people look up to the US as a global superpower, yet another nation can make the US dependent on its energy. Biden allowed a private firm from Canada to invest in an $8 billion project. In addition to this, he has directed federal states to reverse Trump’s orders on the environment.

Invalidation of Trump’s 1776 Report

Biden has signed an order to invalidate Trump’s 1776, which teaches kids correct history. Trump’s project states that self-governance has been the most significant human experiment. The written Constitution aims to eliminate slavery.

Blanket amnesty for illegal aliens

Biden has emphasized fairness and equality for everyone yet ignored health safety and security. The US borders reopened at a time where a health crisis is prevalent.  

Allowing everyone to be in America will make the US citizens suffer more. Biden opened an avenue where aliens are free to stay in the country without undergoing strict immigration measures.

The 45th US president has received continuous backlash from Democrats, but his actions showed compassion for America. On the other hand, the newly inaugurated president seems to have no intention to make America great again.

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