Biden’s Blanket Amnesty: A Slap to Struggling Americans

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Joe Biden is in the hot seat for promoting mass amnesty. As the next president of the United States, Biden’s plan for blanket amnesty becomes problematic.

Democrats are known for regularly backing up illegal immigration laws. They are consistent in opposing immigration rules, which they think is a racist and evil move.

Biden’s and Democrats’ push on granting amnesty has gained so many negative responses. Many Americans believe that this time is not perfect for this amnesty since many workers are jobless because of lockdowns.

Despite this, Biden stated that mass amnesty would help resurrect the economy. Many Americans disagree since it means that they will lose their jobs.

Moreover, the decision came amidst a pandemic where health and security should first become a priority.

Republicans see the real problems that can arise from allowing 11 million illegal immigrants to live in the US without going through strict protocols for the required papers.

US Rep. Lance Gooden from Texas’s 5th congressional district stated that the move is “a slap in the face to every American who is struggling right now.”

The Trump administration’s strict immigration policies are not made out of discrimination but are based on legal measures.

As Canary CEO and author Dan K. Eberhart have pointed out, the amnesty isn’t the solution to the US’s problems with its immigration system.

On top of causing more immigration policy issues, chaos at the borders can even arise.

Aside from the mass amnesty, Americans are also concerned about one of Biden’s plans that include imposing additional taxes on small businesses, which will be a significant blow to their business. This decision is untimely, as companies are going through a financial crisis during the pandemic.

Moreover, the new regulations and taxes will not increase salaries and no job opportunities for Americans. Any small business will no longer afford to pay more and hire people since taxes will take up a large allocation from the profits.

Biden’s way of improving the economy will not be beneficial to Americans. Americans need support from the government to help them rise from the challenges brought by the pandemic.

Mass amnesty, additional taxes, and new regulations are examples of plans that are not wise. Americans deserve better.

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