Biden Supports China and Dismisses Genocide as a “Cultural Difference”

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In just less than a month, the Biden administration showed how incompetent they are.

Democrats spare so much time finding weak evidence to drag former US President Donald Trump into an impeachment trial, yet they don’t talk about the executive orders and statements that favor Communist China.

With the White House’s flawed decisions, the GOP is the only hope of the US.

Republican politicians are right in maintaining their stand that the White House is being too lenient with the Chinese government.

Democrats attack Trump and claim that he incited a riot that placed many lives in danger. However, is no one going to talk about how Biden tolerates genocide?

Republicans have been right all along, but they are portrayed as the evil ones supporting the right person who should’ve won the presidential seat.

America doesn’t need a president who can’t stand up for humanitarian reasons.

Did America truly vote for a spineless president who makes questionable decisions?

The current administration is being too lax in terms of dealing with China. The coronavirus testing centers in China are secretly stealing and studying DNA of Americans.

This information has reached the media and the people, and surely it isn’t a secret to the current administration. However, why is Joe Biden and his puppets not doing something about it?

It’s amusing to see how a Democrat leader is supposed to fight for democracy yet blindly ignores the inhumane actions of a communist country.

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