Biden Prioritizes Illegal Immigrants Amidst a Global Pandemic

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Some media outlets ask Joe Biden to sit down for interviews and ask him about his plans for the US. This poses to be problematic, given the fact that the 2020 presidential elections have not yet officially wrapped up.

Prioritizing Undocumented Aliens

On November 24, Biden briefly mentioned during an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt that he has plans to prioritize sending an amnesty deal to the Senate during his first 100 days as the president. A presidential candidate who has not yet officially won aims to make undocumented aliens take the path to citizenship and making that a priority is certainly questionable.

The former vice president wants to prioritize citizenship amidst a global pandemic. Is an immigration bill the solution to help the US economy get back on track?

Failed Immigration Promises in History

People have heard such promises before. Presidential power is used to make things possible, yet it can also pose dangers. Failing to keep promises to the people makes one lose his credibility.

One of Barack Obama’s greatest failures is his failure to deliver his promise to immigration families. What can change since then?

Democrats’ Voice in the Senate

The current immigration system is a complicated system to say the least. There are numerous things to consider and it’s not easy to say one can immediately achieve citizenship by simply submitting documents.

Moreover, passing the bill requires the support of the Senate. This means that the Democrats need to take the majority of the seats in the Senate.

America’s future sits in the hands of a leader who has these plans during the first 100 days as the US President and it speaks volumes about what lies ahead. The availability of questionable an unproven vaccines doesn’t guarantee a bright future ahead. Issues need to be addressed in order of importance and with the needs and impact of the American public, legal citizens as priority.

This is not an issue of  discrimination. The real problem lies in presidential candidates making false hopes that they could not fulfill. An immigration overhaul is easier said than done.

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