Biden Demands Trump To Concede

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Biden Demands Trrump Concede

Presidential wannabe Joe Biden has demanded that President Trump concede the election, despite many unresolved issues. In a wild rant following the Electoral College vote, the long time Washington insider accused Trump of an “assault on democracy” – despite growing evidence the election was systematically and widely rigged in Biden’s favor.

At a press conference after the Electoral College announced its vote, the seemingly smug Joe Biden pushed for the President to accept the result even though four states are still disputed. Enough states and votes to give President Trump a second term instead of put Biden in.  Almost the entire 13-minute speech was devoted to demanding Trump drop his campaign to validate the results properly.

An investigation into Dominion voting machines in Michigan found that they were deliberately designed with the ability to alter election results, and several legal actions against last-minute changes to electoral law in key battleground states are still ongoing.  No, the results of the 2020 election are not close to being complete and done with all the potential fraud that seems evident. Trump is determined that the actual vote of the people is what is honored from this election.

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