Biden Bans The Term “Illegal Aliens” And Compromises Americans’ Safety

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Joe Biden promised to open opportunities for citizenship but in a questionable manner. He plans to protect illegal aliens that are roughly 11 million and are even estimated to be 22 million.

The Biden administration calls for the Department of Homeland Security to abolish the term “illegal aliens” because it doesn’t promote inclusivity. Instead, they are pushing the words “undocumented individuals” or “undocumented non-citizens.”

The proposed terms may sound more cultured, but these words don’t erase the fact that illegal aliens roam the country and compromise Americans’ safety.

The problem isn’t an issue of racism. The real issue lies in the fact that many aliens face criminal charges, yet blanket amnesty awaits them.

It looks like the Democrats have plans of bringing in more votes by making aliens flee to the US borders.

Does any sane president allow aliens to flood the borders and storm in so quickly? Perhaps yes, with a hidden agenda.

The amnesty is an insult to Americans who abide by the law and live within the US Constitution’s restraints.

Illegal immigrants have more power over Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials who are Americans.

During a global pandemic, Democrats refuse to open schools yet support the opening of borders.

Allowing illegal aliens and even abolishing the term only shows how Democrats are dragging the country down.  

The issue isn’t about the name, but it is about the fact that Biden is not just opening borders. He is opening a lot of loopholes that expose the safety and security of law-abiding Americans.

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