Biden Raises Millions of Corporate Cash Donations for Virtual Inauguration

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Joe Biden proposed to have his inauguration to be done virtually. 

Biden’s inauguration on the 20th of January is backed by the incoming administration. Plans were already being made even when litigations across a handful of US states are ongoing because of election fraud.

Instead of attending a parade along Pennsylvania Avenue and holding a banquet or gala for A-list guests, the Inauguration Day will be merely a virtual event.

Some corporations were allowed to donate for the inauguration with an amount of up to $1 million. At the same time, executives and PACs of fossil fuel companies aren’t allowed to do so. Why is an exorbitant amount of donation needed for an event that will be mostly done online?

Biden predicted, “My guess is there will not be a gigantic inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. But my guess is you’ll see a lot of virtual activity in states all across America.”

Biden mentioned how “highly unlikely” it will be to have millions of Americans flock at the National Mall. He might be right, as it is highly unlikely to have millions attend the Inauguration Day when the president to be recognized on that day doesn’t have the full support of the people.

The announcement was made after South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn was chosen to lead the group of co-chairs for the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

The inauguration was aimed to be done virtually to avoid spreading the coronavirus which struck the nation. Biden announced that the activity will be “engaging” as compared to the inaugurations done in the past.

How can “engaging” be possible when everything is done virtually?

The talks for a virtual inauguration was already in the making even days after the presidential elections. Inauguration planners may not admit it but the decision to pull off a virtual event isn’t an easy feat.

The plans for the inauguration look ludicrous, given the fact that some states are still certifying the count of votes. Media coverage is focused on the plans for the presidential seat in 2021, but the real issues are being set aside.

Is the inauguration to be done virtually to ensure that COVID-19 infections don’t arise or is it because the incoming administration would like to avoid rallies that prove the elected president wasn’t the people’s choice?

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