Are The Reports On The COVID-19 Death Toll Exaggerated?

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The reports on the COVID-19 death toll has been an issue ever since the pandemic started. It was proven that the number of death cases due to COVID-19 was falsified and were reported by phony networks like CNN and MSNBC.

Epoch Times reported that the analysis of death certificates will give light to the true numbers of death cases because of COVID-19. The Freedom Foundation stated in their research that the death total increased by 13 percent. Surprisingly, they have counted those who tested positive for COVID yet the cause of death is not related to the coronavirus.

The health statistics manager at the Washington State Department of Health, Katie Hutchinson, reported that there are death cases that are not connected to COVID-19. She added that currently, medical officials are studying around 3000 death certificates of people whose death is not COVID but showed signs that appear to be COVID-19.

Furthermore, Hutchinson said that what Freedom Foundation reported is correct in theory. For example, the case of a COVID-19 positive who died in a car accident will also be counted as a COVID death.

With this reasoning, it is best to say that COVID-19 death tolls are just a lie. What is the reason behind this? This propaganda is purely political. The people behind this want to add fuel to the fire so anti-Trumps can freely bash the president daily.

The Washington Health officials are now changing how COVID deaths were calculated. There is a new report that the 2000 death certificates which were studied were not related to COVID-19. The group said that COVID-19 can be a factor but very minimal.

Aaron With, the national director of Freedom Foundation expressed that the state agency which is under the authority of Gov. Jay Inslee was already caught, and yet there is a continuity of misleading information on the number of people who died because of COVID. He added that this is not a case of an error since it has misrepresentation has been repeated so many times.

Currently, Americans may never know the accurate and reliable number of deaths due to COVID-19. However, what is clear is that the method of counting COVID-19 deaths is nonsensical and seem exaggerated to increase the fear and hysteria for any action enforced to combat it.

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