Allegations of Voter Fraud Flooding In From Across America

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Americans suspect voter fraud in Presidential election

For many reasons, things are not adding up here. It’s so bad in fact, that we don’t even know where to start.

We plan to write a more in-depth article shortly but please look at some of these sources.  American’s can not and will not stand for our elections to be stolen out from us.

The people have spoken and its pretty apparent that Trump has won, but there will be a battle to force the people’s will to actually be respected.

Reports keep coming in from sources all over the US of questionable activities and after hours votes that simply don’t make sense. 


While we dig into what is happening and happened, and expect an announcement from President Trump tomorrow, hopefully with a major update, we want to share these resources on this page for some thought provoking  information to consider and research yourself. Don’t let anyone feed you “the truth”, either way.  

Check these out and do more research on your own. 

In the meantime, we look forward to a full update from President Trump himself and to see the events of this wild election brought to clarity and a just result.

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