2020 Riots: Are Democrats to be Blamed?

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As Democratic politicians continue to encourage their supporters on violent protests, the media has recognized these events as peaceful protests.

One of the concrete proofs of Democrats supporting violent protests is their involvement in the Black Lives Matter propaganda. The Democratic party has been masking riots as a fight for equality.

According to the leftist magazine Mother Jones, The DNC even expressed their support for the movement through a resolution.

The movement is far from being peaceful. In fact, five police officers were murdered in July 2020 during the Black Lives Matter event in Dallas.

The assailant, Micah Xavier Johnson, expressed his frustration with the police shootings. These events prompted him to kill white officers. He told the reporters that he was distressed about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Over the years, Democrats have provoked Black Lives Matter and Antifa.  Keith Ellison, a former Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party, even took a selfie together with the Antifa handbook.

The Guardian newspaper had reported that in 2020, Black Lives Matter and protests related to that had left two dozen Americans dead. Some of the deceased people featured in the reports include:

  1. Lee Keltner – a conservative security guard killed by the media
  2. Tyler Gerth – press photographer who was killed by a leftist protester
  3. Jorge Gomez – killed by an armed leftist
  4. Barry Perkins – killed by a truck when BLM protesters attempted to loot the truck
  5. Summer Taylor – a BLM protester who was hit while protesting on a freeway
  6. David Dorn – the black police officer murdered by BLM looters for trying to stop them
  7. Turner – an 8-year-old who was killed by a BLM protester
  8. Horace Anderson – killed by another protester
  9. Victor Cazares Jr – killed during a BLM protest as he was protecting his store
  10. A corpse of a burnt man was discovered after BLM protesters burned a store.

These deaths were overlooked—all considered as collateral damage.

In addition to this, BLM also uses ActBlue, a platform for raising funds for Biden during the presidential campaign.

Democrats even cover up election fraud by dismissing affidavits and legal campaigns.

With the events that transpired at the US Capitol, Democrats are working hard to remove President Trump out of office. Impeachment has been passed, and the president is charged with incitement.

Democrats are accusing President Trump of his involvement in political violence against the United States.  If truth be told, it was the Democrats who enraged protesters in 2020.

Everything was a political propaganda masked as a campaign for equality. The BLM loots caused deaths and a $2 billion bill for the US.

The Democratic Party of America has been provoking people with violence for decades. They should be held accountable for the killings and violence.

Democratic politicians are the real culprits, and they should be the ones impeached for being political extremists.

The president’s impeachment is a reminder that the Dems are blind to the law, as they have the law in their hands.

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