Taurine for A Healthy Gut and Strong Immune System

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Taurine is a common ingredient in energy drinks. It doesn’t just improve athletic performance, but it can also make your gut healthy and free from infections.

Researchers identified taurine to be significant in fighting off infections. Taurine isn’t just present in energy drinks. It is an amino acid that is present in the heart, brain, eyes and even muscles.

Taurine and Microbiota

A recent study was published in the journal Cell to prove that gut microbiota can protect the body from infections. Researchers from the National Institutes of Health have determined the type of bacteria that can shield us from infection.

Aside from digestion, human guts house 70 percent of the immune system. GALT, which stands for gut-associated lymphoid tissue, is a large mass of lymphoid tissue located in the colon, appendix, and small intestine.

The researchers isolated microbiota exposed to Klebsiella pneumoniae (Kpn), which is known to cause infections in the intestine. The researchers then transferred the microbiota to the mice, which are germ-free.

Afterwards, the researchers exposed the mice to Kpn. They have discovered that microbiota protected the mice from the infection.

How Are Pathogens Prevented?

The results revealed that Deltaproteobacteria is the primary bacteria that prevent infection. Deltaproteobacteria belong to the class of Proteobacteria. The taurine produced in the body triggers the activity of deltaproteobacteria.

The body produces taurine as a response to infection. Acids from the liver and gallbladder contain taurine, which helps fight infections.

The gut microbiota converts taurine into sulfide. Sulfides suppress the respiration of cells, which denies the pathogens from entering our bodies.

The researchers recognize taurine as an essential component of the body. This amino acid helps maintain hydration and electrolyte balance.

In the study, the researchers also noted how the over-the-counter drug bismuth subsalicylate reduced the mouse models’ resilience against infection. It only shows that medicine can intervene in the body’s natural way of defenses.

According to the team, gut microbiota defends the body from pathogens that can damage the system. A healthy gut is one way of boosting your immune system, and amino acids like taurine contribute to your body’s means of fighting off infection.

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