Mask Mandates: Health Protection Or Tyranny?

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american wearing mask

Once again Gov. Mike DeWine (R) is punishing the people of his state with a mandate to wear a mask and Risk of business closures. This is due to the reemergence of Wuhan Covid-19 cases.

According to the Governor, the virus has suddenly become extra scary – just days after the elections – requiring Ohioans to cover their mouths with plastic and cloth to keep the contagion from spreading.

DeWine declared, “We are now at the most crucial phase of this pandemic,” while reading from his teleprompter during an address televised on Nov. 11. ” We are in the midst of our third wave in Ohio.”

Covid-19 tests have been exposed repeatedly as inaccurate, show the rise of infection throughout the state, particularly among the senior citizens. In consequence, DeWine requires everybody to suffer and stay at home in solitary confinement.

DeWine continues to instill fear during the address stating “This time, things are different,” pointing out that, now that winter is approaching, people are getting sicker.

According to official statistics, Ohio has about 6,500 new cases of the Covid 19 daily an increase for 1000 new cases a day in September. The Ohio Department of Health also reported about 76 new deaths on November 11 that it blamed on the Coronavirus. the statistics also show that the median age of those dying of the disease is 80 years old.

“We’ve got to get back to the basics: wearing a mask, maintain at least six feet of distance from each other, washing our hands frequently, and not having parties, get-togethers in your house, and trying to get adequate fresh air into our homes, particularly as it’s getting colder,” DeWine proclaimed.

Threats to shut down businesses if people refuse to wear a mask

Ohio previously had a statewide mask-wearing mandate however the current one is much stricter and requires all businesses in the state to post signage at all public entrances requiring clients to wear a face mask. Businesses are also required to police customers to ensure everybody is wearing a face mask at the right moments to keep the virus from spreading.

Businesses that do not comply, with the Governor’s decree are threatened with the enforcement of the new compliance unit – led by the Bureau of workers compensation.

First-time offenders of the new proclamation by the Governor will get a written warning. Second-time offenders will be forced to close businesses for up to 24 hours as a punishment.

Governor DeWine has also threatened to close down bars, restaurants and gyms if people do not stop gathering and social activities as an additional punishment.

DeWine also said “These are places candidly where it’s difficult or impossible to maintain mask-wearing, which we know now is the chief way of slowing this virus.” he also regurgitated fake science has long been debunked including Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

While most attention is on Leftist Democrat Governors like Newsom Gavin of California and Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, mask tyranny is also coming from Republican governors once again demonstrating that authoritarianism is not party specific.

Then, these same hardliners go to big parties and are caught out at events and getting their hair done without masks, living however they want while Americans are being crushed under restrictions.

Above is a great tweet from a gentleman pointing out the apparant hypocpripsy from Fauci who is behind restrictions here in the US.

Really makes you wonder what is really going on.

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