Lockdowns Increase COVID-19 Deaths Among Young Adults

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Ongoing lockdowns are being mandated to suppress the spread of the coronavirus, but more harm is done instead especially for young adults.

Are Young Adults More Prone to COVID-19?

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) released an article about the dangers of COVID-19 to youngsters. In the article, it was revealed that those who are under age 45 have a higher risk of acquiring the disease.

The Centers for Disease Control CDC recently claimed that the youngest age groups 0-20 and 21-49 have a lower chance of getting COVID-19. Furthermore, the CDC said that COVID-19 death cases are high for people under the age group of 70.

JAMA’s study argued that the CDC fails to report death for people under age 45. In their study which was published in December 2020, the researchers used the death statistics from March to July 2020 and compared the excess death numbers in 2018 of the same months.

Opioid Overdose Vs. Coronavirus Deaths

In 2018, the leading killer for age 45 is an overdose of an opioid. The researchers used opioid death cases as their basis of comparison in their study.

The authors of the study insist that COVID-19 deaths surpassed coincidental death on opioids during April in HHS Region 2, July HHS Region 6 and 9. They have added that the surge of opioid deaths has increased during the pandemic.

The abuse of substances such as opioids can be related to mental and economic breakdown. The continuous lockdown in different areas in the United States has caused a toll on the mental health of the younger age group.

Two days after JAMA published the study, the Centers for Disease Control reported that it is supporting the claim. CDC issued data that now shows the increase of opioid death abuse since 2018. The increase in numbers happened at the start of the lockdowns in the United States.

Are Lockdowns the Solution?

In the preliminary data of CDC, they have not broken down the data by age group. Another reason for the death spike among young people is related to depression which includes suicide. Such issues also increased during the lockdowns.

The authors of the JAMA article did not further investigate an alternative assumption.  JAMA’s study has proven that a surge of opioid overdose death started during the lockdown. The lockdown policies did not help the young people, but these even exposed them to death.

There are misleading studies and information which are widely spread so being aware of the facts and figures can make you decide if lockdowns are indeed the solution to the global pandemic.

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