Harmful Effects of Radiation to the Ecosystem and the Body

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Advancements in technology gave everyone an easier and more convenient life. Communication became seamless, thanks to wireless technology. Although our lives have drastically improved, the negative effects of wireless technology were echoed by the destruction of humans and the ecosystem.

Ruined Ecosystems

Robert O. Becker, a researcher, and author published a book entitled The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and The Foundation of Life. The book highlighted that every living thing is exposed to radiofrequency interference of RFI causes harm over time.

No living thing can escape this exposure. The ecosystem was ruined because of toxic mining, manufacturing, and processing of the elements which are involved in the production of RFI.

As mentioned in the study of Robert Becker, wireless technology has chemically and energetically damaged our planet.

Damage to the Body

In the study, it was revealed that too much radiation exposure can cause potential damage to the DNA ovarian follicle. It can be passed on there will be a chance that 50% of babies can be born with genetic problems.

Radiation can cause disturbances in the body’s functions. The wavelengths of 2G-4G can easily go through any living thing.

What happens is that our bodies are susceptible to the radiation powers, it acts like a tube where these wavelengths pass through. In time, this will cause build up in our bodies.

Another dangerous effect of radiation is that it can cause dysfunction in the mitochondria. Mitochondria are considered the powerhouse of the cells. They are like generators that help the cells of plants, animals, humans, and other living organisms to function.

Electron transport can be hindered when RFI gets into the bodies of these organisms. Too many reactive oxygen species in the bodies can lead to damage to carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids.

Addiction to Technology Can Make You Suffer

The severe biological effects can be extremely critical. Some studies recognize the biological effects of wavelengths coming from television, radio, and mobile phone can cause brain tumors, unwellness, and a decrease in biodiversity.

José Argüelles, a New Age author stated that the advancement in technology makes us artificially dependent on this technology which can cause addictive behavior. It poses a threat to our lives.

Like José Argüelles, Marshall McLuhan supports this stand. He is quoted saying, “We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”

Why Limiting  Exposure to Radiation is Important

Concerned experts call for action to government officials and companies. Strict and safe standards and measures should be prioritized. The public should be educated on the various ways and tips on how to limit exposure to these devices because if not, it can be very risky and will lead to the destruction of our lives.   

Scientists and researchers added that there is a need for more thorough research. This will be greatly beneficial to humankind.

With the false claims on the positive effects of advancement technology, people may suffer if these issues will be neglected. The key to a healthy lifestyle is to moderate the use of gadgets and devices.


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