COVID-19 Vaccines May Trigger HIV Infections

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The effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines is yet to be guaranteed, and additional studies show how dangerous these new vaccines can be.

A recently released study from The Lancet pointed out that some COVID-19 vaccines can lead to a higher risk of acquiring HIV infection.

Risk of HIV Infections

Experts have warned people about the risk of Ad5 which can result in HIV infection. Drug companies and the government need to recognize the risk of this vaccine development.

Countries like United States, Russia, and Pakistan use a technology identical to HIV vaccines in developing COVID-19 vaccines. Nicolai Petrovsky, a vaccine scientist warned the Australian government about the dangers of HIV infection through COVID-19 vaccines.

The creation of these vaccines can be compared to the HIV vaccines where an Adenovirus (Ad5), which is supposedly responsible for immunity, had directly infected people with HIV. In Australia, the recipient of trial COVID-19 vaccines started to be HIV-positive.

Is the Coronavirus Man-made?

There are claims that the Wuhan coronavirus seemed to be fabricated and source from AIDS. A team of Indian scientists published a study and they stated that the coronavirus that struck the world today is man-made.

It was mentioned in their study that they have identified insertions in Wuhan coronavirus which resembles AIDS.  To further support this claim, Great Game India acknowledged that COVID-19 was engineered and created in the laboratories.

According to Ecohealth Alliance, a team that works with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, those who are claiming that coronavirus is engineered are just disseminating baseless theories.

The Indian scientists were heavily condemned. Their study received backlash that made them retract their claims. However, an expert confirmed that the findings were accurate. Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and Nobel Prize winner supported the claims of the Indian team.  

HIV Drugs for Coronavirus Treatment

Meanwhile, there are reports in China that even though coronavirus is known to infect animals only, the transfer from animals to humans is possible because of mutations.

At present, China has started to treat Wuhan coronavirus with AIDS drugs. The HIV drugs which are given are manufactured by AbbVie Inc, and these drugs can also be used to treat pneumonia.

Most of the countries now are in a hurry to create vaccines to bring the world back to normal. However, the government should test these vaccines to ensure the safety of individuals who will be receiving the doses. And it all seems like extreme measures for something with a 99.6% survival rate and where it appears as most deaths involve two or more infections not Covid on its own.  How about we ensure these first ever of their kind, RNA changing vaccines are truly safe with some longer term and more strenuous studies.

If you’ll be immunized against the coronavirus but might contract HIV, will you take the risk of being vaccinated?

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