An Avocado a Day Supports Gut Health

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Diet plans rising on social media are at work to help focus on nutrition. Healthy dishes like guacamole are on the rise, as avocado is known to be healthy and tasty. Avocadoes are becoming a favorite ingredient in keto diets and vegan dishes.

Avocados are naturally high in dietary fiber and improve gut health, as proven by a University of Illinois study. Sharon Thompson, the author of the lead paper released in the Journal of Nutrition, explained that eating avocados helps you feel full and reduces blood cholesterol concentration.

How Avocadoes Increase Gut Microbes

The purpose of the study is to determine that avocado consumption positively affects the gut microbiota. “We also wanted to explore the relationships between gut microbes and health outcomes.”

The 12-week study covered 163 adults between 25 and 45 years old with obesity but otherwise healthy, based on a BMI of at least 25 kilograms.

Each group received one meal every day in replacement for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. One group consumed avocado in every meal, while the other had the meal without the avocado.

Researchers found that people who have included avocados in their everyday meals have a greater abundance of gut microbes to break down fiber. This results in the production of metabolites that support gut health.

Thompson remarked, “We can’t break down dietary fibers, but certain gut microbes can. When we consume dietary fiber, it’s a win-win for gut microbes and for us.”

Benefits of Eating Avocado

Avocados are rich in fat. The fats in avocados are heart-healthy and monounsaturated. Monounsaturated fats are healthy that helps with weight loss, reduce the risk of heart disease, and decrease inflammation. 

Avocados are excellent food, loaded with nutrients, which are lacking in the modern diet. The following are the benefits of eating avocados every day.

  • Provides a greater abundance of gut microbes to produce metabolites
  • Reduces bile acids
  • Increases short-chain fatty acids
  • Fuels the body with energy

Recommended Avocado Nutritional Intake

A medium avocado provides 12 grams of fiber. Incorporating avocados in your diet gets you closer to meeting that fiber recommendation of 16 grams per day.

Eating fiber is good for health. According to Holscher’s research lab , “It’s just a really nicely packaged fruit that contains nutrients that are important for health. Our work shows we can add benefits to gut health to that list.”

Less than 5% of the US population has enough fiber in their diet. Including avocadoes in your diet is a great way to get the most out of the benefits of fiber. After all, a healthy gut equates a healthy body.

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