You are currently viewing Biden’s Supply Shortage Halted Trump’s Book Being Printed!

Thanks to President Joe Biden’s inept handling of the nation’s reopening, the country faces unprecedented inflation, rising fuel prices, and supply-side issues due to shipping blockages. In an odd twist of fate, Biden’s fumbling efforts to fix the problem impacted the upcoming release of former President Trump’s latest book.

Sergio Gor, head of Winning Team Publishing, told reporters that more than 130,000 copies of Trump’s coffee table book have been sold. However, sadly, supply chain issues and the resulting paper shortages have delayed the printing of President Trump’s coffee table book, “Our Journey Together.”

Since the book is temporarily out of print, individuals who ordered a copy will receive a Christmas Card from President Trump in time for the holiday. Then, in early January, they can expect to receive their copy of the picture book.

Gor spoke to reporters about the “incredible success” of the former president’s book. According to him, weekly sales have exceeded those of any other author by a huge margin. Continuing, he said his company looked forward to selling hundreds of thousands of copies of the book in 2022.

In keeping with his “America First” philosophy, all copies of Donald Trump’s book will be printed in the good ole USA. Trump is also working on completing his long-awaited presidential memoir.